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Health education, information guides and best practice

Trident Medical Services

We offer a range of resources both for employers and also information suitable for your employees. 

Health Education

  • This blog-style content offers information on a range of topics. Some are focused on helping you as an employer (such as ‘What is COSHH?’ or ‘Exposure to Noise at Work’). Some are suitable for you to direct your employees (such as ‘Norovirus – the winter vomiting bug’ or ‘Breast cancer – the facts’). Please feel free to add links to useful health education information in your employee e-newsletters.

Information Guides

  • We produce free information guides packed with useful information for employers responsible or involved in managing staff health. For example – ‘Managing sickness absence’ and ‘Managing stress at work’.

E-Guide Series

  • Signing up to any of our e-guide series means you will have information on the topic of your choice every day for the duration of the series.

Best Practice

  • To help you comply with legislation and conform to standards, this page offers links to other useful websites and organisations.