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Audiometric testing (hearing tests)


Audiometric testing can help to diagnose hearing loss or damage. Hearing tests can be used as part of ongoing health surveillance, particularly for employees who are exposed to high levels of noise at work. Noise-induced hearing loss is preventable and it is important to ensure the right measures are in place in the workplace to protect and monitor employees’ hearing. 

Often an audiometric test will be used as part of a pre-placement assessment to establish a baseline for further test results.

Audiometric testing helps an employer to:

  • Comply with the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005
  • Provide early detection of hearing loss or damage
  • Reduce sickness absence levels

Hearing tests are often carried out in a soundproof audiometric booth as this eliminates background noise. The test uses an audiometer which can be manual or automated/computerised. The employee wears headphones and is exposed to pure tone sounds from the audiometer. The sounds are at different sound pressures across a range of frequencies. The employee indicates (often by pressing a button) that he has heard the sound. 

Audiometric testing should include an ear examination and screening questionnaire which looks at exposure, risk factors and symptoms. Further specific tests may be done depending on job function.

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