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Promoting a healthy lifestyle is becoming increasingly important. Forward-thinking employers see the value and reap the benefits of a healthy workforce.

6.9 days are lost each year per employee due to sickness absence and for manual workers this increases to 8.4 days per year 1. And those on long-term sickness absence can leave a huge void in the workplace. A survey by Waddell and Burton 2 shows that an employee who is on sickness absence for four to 12 weeks stands a 10–40% chance of being off work for one year. And an employee who is absent for six to 12 months stands a 90% chance of never returning to work.

Employers are increasingly implementing various health and wellbeing initiatives to help improve sickness absence rates and also to promote general physical and mental health. Healthier workforces are more productive. At any one time, one in four people in the UK are affected by a clinically diagnosable mental health condition such as depression or anxiety, or problems relating to stress 3. Any support employers can give staff to help manage stress and anxiety and encourage healthy living will help to keep a happier, healthier workforce.

Employers can make cost savings arising from improved sickness absence and employee turnover, fewer accidents and injuries and better employee satisfaction. Also being recognised as an employer that takes the health and wellbeing of employees seriously reflects positively on the reputation and culture of any organisation.

Our experienced and qualified staff run health and wellbeing education programmes for an optimum, healthy workforce. These can be on both general health and work-related ill-health. We can also offer lifestyle screening for your employees; performing individual assessments of some of the key areas such as height and weight, blood pressure, exercise, diet and smoking can help individuals stay healthy. Collating the statistics gained can also provide you as an employer with a bigger picture of the health of your workforce.

All health promotion and lifestyle screening activities are tailored to your own organisation to get the best results.

Activities may include:

We can deliver health promotion and wellbeing activities at your own site, at our offices, via our mobile clinic or at an alternative location, whichever is most appropriate.

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2 Waddell G and Burton K 2006


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