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Employer Advice and Guidance


Trident Medical Services

Employer advice and guidance

We can offer you advice and guidance on all of your occupational health needs. We can help you to assess your needs, develop the appropriate service tailored to your requirements and your budget, and work out how best to deliver the service, whether on your site, via our mobile clinic or on your own site.
In addition to advising you how to develop your service we can offer:

If the service you require is not listed please contact us as we may still be able to help.

Tailored work-setting services

We can support your existing or new on-site arrangements by providing a tailored occupational health service to suit your needs. We are experienced in providing on-site emergency response services as well as walk-in treatment centres based on customer sites. We can also provide vaccination programmes and any combination of our other services, such as health assessments, health surveillance, training and health and wellbeing programmes.


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Trident Medical Services

As an employer you may have any number of individual cases where sickness or health issues are affecting an employee’s ability to either be at work or to do their job effectively. A staff member may go on long-term sickness absence; they may be frequently off-sick for short periods; or they may have a planned absence for something such as surgery or treatment. Alternatively, they may not be absent but their health may be impacting upon their ability to perform their job.

When staff are unable to work due to long-term sickness, getting to the root of the problem may not always be easy. It is important to deal with the issues early and not allow the situation to remain unmanaged, as this may often result in frustration - both for you as the employer and your staff member. We review all cases from a holistic point of view, not only dealing with each individual’s health issues but also looking at the causes of ill-health and whether any reasonable adjustments can be made in the workplace to aid the individual to return to work.  

In any of these situations we can assess the individual, including identifying underlying causes for absence, we can liaise with other health professionals in both the private and public sector, provide advice and guidance and make recommendations for specific rehabilitation programmes and we can provide the relevant support to benefit both the employee and yourself as the employer. We can also help you to comply with the Equality Act 2010 which covers specific disability requirements that need to be met.   

We take a robust approach to dealing with sickness absence and cases where the individual’s health may be impacting on their performance, ensuring that employees are taking responsibility for managing their own health issues. For example, when dealing with work-related stress, this may involve having probing conversations with the employee to ascertain whether their symptoms are a result of their perception of work-related issues. If this is the case, this is clearly a management issue, not an underlying health issue and the employee is unlikely to return to work until these issues are addressed.

We seek to reduce the impact of health problems on work, and strongly advise getting in touch with us early if you suspect you have a problem.

We can provide this service from your own site, at our offices, via our mobile clinic or at another location, whichever is most appropriate.


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Trident Medical Services

Our Disability in the workplace advice service

The last twenty years or so has seen changing attitudes towards disability, leading to legislative changes such as the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (now incorporated in the Equality Act 2010). Employers and the government are now encouraging and helping disabled employees into the workplace. In addition the workforce is living and working longer and sometimes this can lead to employees having age-related disability health conditions.

Faced with what sometimes can seem an overload of information and advice it can be difficult to know where to turn. Our Disability in the Workplace Advice Service can help you understand your responsibilities to disabled members of staff and how you can ensure their productivity and wellbeing in the workplace, as well as providing information about what support is available to you as an employer.
Our service includes the following:

  • General advice service for managers who would like advice or information about disability in the workplace.  Staff assessments and reports can be carried out to help to gain funding assistance to government agencies (such as the Access to Work Scheme)
  • Advice and information on the impact of relevant legislation and the rights of disabled people
  • Training for managers to understand how to assist their staff with specific needs
  • Support in identifying the relevant specialist to carry out the assessment and/or diagnosis
  • Information and support on reasonable adjustments and assistive technology
  • Support in amending your policies and processes to welcome and accommodate disabled members of staff – the focus being on the entire life-cycle of your involvement with the employee.
  • Advice on amending your health and safety policies if required, to accommodate disabled workers, such as introducing personal emergency evacuation plans
  • Audit services to help progress through the government’s Disability Confident scheme.

To find out how we can help you contact:

Paul Balbi, Workplace Disability Advisor

Tel: 0118 98 50843


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Trident Medical Services

Occupational health requirements gathering and writing service

When choosing an occupational health provider or going out to tender for occupational health services, you need to be clear on what you require to ensure you select the right provider to match your needs. We recognise that this is not always as easy as it looks!

A number of our clients have told us that they found it difficult to clarify exactly what they need. This has made choosing a provider and agreeing a service agreement so much harder. Working closely with our team has helped them to fully identify what they need and when, in order to ensure the best value service is delivered.

When considering your occupational health needs and requirements you need to consider a variety of areas:

  • your legal and statutory obligations;
  • other ‘best practice’ services;
  • your budget;
  • different groups of employees and what occupational health services they need;
  • additional services such as health and wellbeing, employee assistance programme, workplace disability advice mental health first aid training, first aid training etc
  • employee numbers and the number of employees requiring occupational health services
  • how to get the service you need cost-effectively.

As independent experts in occupational health, we can help you gather all your workplace health requirements by asking the right questions, drilling down the answers so you can fully identify and assess exactly what it is you need.

We would normally do this via a workshop (or series of workshops). We can also offer a requirements writing service so we can produce a document for you, outlining your requirements in a clear and concise way.

You can use this requirements gathering (and/or writing) service to help you find your ideal provider. Or if you choose to use us as your provider, we will refund the cost of the requirements gathering service, meaning you can benefit from our detailed expert advice free of charge!

To find out more, you can send us an email or call our service delivery team on 0118 324 9333.


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Trident Medical Services

Flu vaccinations

Flu is one of the most common causes of short-term absence from work and with it being easily passed on by coughing, sneezing and touching surfaces, it can spread quickly throughout a workplace.

The flu vaccine is a simple and effective way to protect your employees.

We come to you

Our fully qualified and trained occupational health practitioners can travel to your desired location to administer flu vaccines for your staff.

This year, based on the latest NHS guidance, we're offering the Quadrivalent vaccination which protects against four strains. 

What next?

Simply send us an email or call us on 0118 324 9555, telling us your location/s and the number of required vaccinations and we'll book you a suitable date.

August is the best time of year to administer the vaccine in order to offer the best protection for the Winter period so get in touch today!


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