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advice, guidance, knowledge transfer

vennWhile we focus on risk prevention, our sister company Trident Assurance Services (TAS) focuses on risk management. Trident Assurance Services develops and delivers assurance, governance and risk management solutions. We work with clients across all businesses from start-up companies to those working in high-risk and regulated industries such as aerospace, defence and nuclear.

We identify implementable options through assessment of regulatory frameworks, understanding technical procedures and developing effective policies and assurance mechanisms to deliver practical, compliant and safe solutions to complex problems.


Our services

Our services include:

  • Establishing governance and compliance arrangements
  • Advising and supporting the development and implementation of assurance systems
  • Developing bespoke integrated business management systems and frameworks
  • Providing and delivering a complete range of hazard identification, safety and risk assessment and management support activities
  • Compliance-based assurance auditing
  • Knowledge transfer – including training, briefings, presentations and mentoring


Whilst we work closely with clients in the high-risk and regulated industries, because our work covers the critical areas of developing and implementing systems, processes and frameworks, we can also support start-up businesses. If you are starting a business or managing an SME without robust procedures already in place, and are unsure of what you need to do within the context of legislation, regulation and general system and process development, we can really add value.



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